San Antonio Mission Trip Review

Over winter break 14 members of the Ithaca College Protestant Community traveled to San Antonio, Tex. for five days to discover God in the city. We volunteered at local organizations and grew to understand social justice through an organization called Discovering Opportunities for Outreach & Reflection (DOOR). We split up into four groups—each working with a different organization. We spent time at facilities serving the homeless, adults with developmental disabilities and the community’s food bank. Most of us spent time preparing and serving food to those without housing. We had the opportunity to talk to them and hear their individual stories. Similarly, we shared our stories with other groups of people that we worked with—learning from their perseverance through their circumstances, faith in God’s sovereignty and selflessness. Each experience we had in San Antonio humbled us and showed us how to receive and show Christ’s love as unconditionally as possible. We look to do this without any prejudices or stereotypes clouding our judgement.