Ithaca College Fitness Center


The Fitness Center is committed to providing our patrons of the Ithaca College community with a safe, positive, and fun environment so that all who enjoy our facility may do so with comfort and confidence.  We are also committed to making sure that all of our policies and procedures are properly enforced so that we can continue to offer our community a safe place to work out and have fun!  Please help us at the Fitness Center by observing the following policies and reporting all policy violations.



  • The Fitness Center is open to all the current members of the campus community which include students, faculty, staff and Longview.  Those who are not affiliated with Ithaca College in those capacities are prohibited from using the Fitness Center.

  • A valid Ithaca College ID is required to enter the Fitness Center.  We cannot make exceptions.

  • Patrons must bring a pair of clean shoes to change into or you will be denied access into the gym (year-round policy).  Open-toed shoes and shoeless/bare feet are NOT PERMITTED.

  • Proper clothing must be worn during use of the our facilities.  Shirts must be worn at all times; sports bras must be covered at all times.

  • The Recreational Sports Department is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings.  Please lock personal items in a locker (locks provided by Fitness Center). Locks cannot be kept on for more than one day.

  • No food or beverage in the exercise area, with the exception of water.  Gum of any sort is PROHIBITED.

  • To help with attention to surroundings, no cell phone use is permitted in the exercise area and areas where weights and other fitness items may be used.

  • Please limit all cardio workouts to 30 minutes when people are waiting to use equipment.

  • Please wipe down equipment after use.  Disinfectant spray is available for use at the cubbies by the mats.

  • Spotting is recommended for all overhead lifts.  If you need a spotter, please ask for help from another participant or the facility monitor in the exercise area.  Weight collars must be used at all times on barbells/lifting bars.

  • Dropping/throwing down of weights is not permitted.  Please take care of our equipment by setting equipment down with care.

  • The Fitness Center reserves the right to add or change policies as needed during the year, and the right to make immediate decisions on the side of safety for situations not discussed here.

If you have any questions or concerns about our policies, please contact us at (607) 274-3294 or email us at