Members of the Ithaca College campus community (students, employees) will be permitted to use recreation facilities year round with a valid Ithaca College ID during the published hours of operation. In addition, Ithaca College retirees as well as IC Affiliates from the Center for Counseling, Health and Wellness, Longview, Muller Chapel, and Sodexo are eligible to use the Fitness Center with a valid ID (see section 2.17).

During breaks in the academic year eligible dependents as defined by the Office of Human Resources may use the Ithaca College recreation facilities free of charge during all breaks (must be at least 16 years of age to access the Fitness Center). Eligible dependents must check in at the front desk at the start of each visit to verify their membership. All eligible dependents must be registered and listed with the Human resource office as verified dependents. Questions regarding dependent access should be directed to recsports@ithaca.edu.

Guest Policies

Guest Passes - Faculty, staff and students may bring a guest to use the Ithaca College recreation facilities for a fee of $5.00 per facility per day, payment should be made via cash or a check made out to "Ithaca College." The sponsor of the guest must remain in the facility for the duration of their guests visit. All guests must present a valid photo ID and be at least 18 years of age unless their parent or guardian is available to sign a waiver. The minimum age for Fitness Center access is 16 years of age.

Sponsored Guest Passes – Departments and offices may request short-term facility access for special guests of Ithaca College. Requests for a sponsored guest pass must come directly from a Vice President, Dean, Associate Dean, or the Director for Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports. To make a request, please e-mail recsports@ithaca.edu with the following information: guest name(s), requested access dates, hosting department/office, and the contact information for both the guest(s) and their host. In order to allow adequate time for processing requests for sponsored guest passes should be submitted at least one week in advance.

General Use Policies

  • All patrons must bring a separate pair of clean sneakers with non-marking soles in addition to the footwear worn upon entering the Fitness Center. Individuals who do not bring a second pair of sneakers to change into will be denied access to the Fitness Center. Individuals found to be tracking dirt, grass, water, salt or any other material that could potentially cause damage to the Fitness Center flooring or equipment will be asked to exit the facility.
  • Open-toed shoes, heels, boots, and shoeless or bare feet are not permitted in any public areas of the Fitness Center (hallways, gyms, aerobics room, exercise area, etc.) with the exception of yoga, tai chi, and dance classes/practices and any activities taking place on tumbling mats in the gym spaces.
  • Attire Guidelines for Participation in the Fitness Center
    • Shirts that cover the torso including abdomen - tank tops, T-shirts, sleeveless, T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, sweatshirts
    • Shorts or pants that cover the waist to mid-thigh, tights, sweatpants or warm up pants are appropriate
    • Footwear - clean sneakers that are worn exclusively indoors
    • Rationale for attire guidelines:
      • Preserve Fitness Center equipment and minimize wear and tear
      • Protect health and safety of facility and equipment users
      • Promote an inclusive and welcoming environment
    • Fitness Center staff have the responsibility for monitoring the attire guidelines. Participants not complying with the attire guidelines will be asked to adjust as needed. Individuals who repeatedly violate the attire policy will be referred to Judicial Affairs.
  • Ithaca College is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings in the recreation facilities. Day use lockers and locks are provided in the Fitness Center free of charge.
  • Food, colored beverages, and supplement powders are permitted in the Fitness Center locker rooms and hallways, but may not be consumed in the gyms, main exercise area, or aerobics room at any time. Spill proof plastic and aluminum water bottles are permitted throughout the building, but glass containers of any kind are strictly prohibited.
  • Patrons are encouraged to limit cardio workouts to 30 minutes or less during periods of peak utilization (Weekdays 11am – 1pm, 4pm – 7pm).
  • Participants are encouraged to wipe down equipment after each use. Disinfectant spray and cleaning rags are available at several stations throughout the main exercise area and upstairs hallway.
  • A spotter is recommended for all exercises during which the lifter’s body is between the weight and the floor (ex: overhead lifts, bench press, squat, etc.).
  • Dropping or slamming down of weights is discouraged. If you are unable to control the weight safely through the entire range of motion, use a lower weight.
  • Chalk use is permitted (liquid and powder), but may not be applied in the main exercise area or gym spaces. Patrons who choose to use chalk are required to clean up any spills, and wipe down equipment immediately after use.
  • Personal music devices are permitted, but users are encouraged to wear headphones. Any music that is broadcast through a portable speaker or sound system must not contain profanity or insensitive lyrics, and must be kept to a respectfully low volume. The Fitness Center staff may ask individuals to turn their music off or reduce the volume at any time.
  • The Fitness Center reserves the right to add or change policies as needed during the year, and the right to make immediate decisions on the side of safety for situations not discussed here.
  • Individuals who are repeatedly found to be in violation of the policies listed above may have their Fitness Center access privileges suspended.

Climbing Wall Policies

Access - Faculty, staff, and students who wish to use the climbing wall must register for a climbing wall membership at the start of each academic year. Climbing wall memberships are free of charge, but all participants will be required to sign a waiver during the registration process. Once registration is complete, participants will be able to use their Ithaca College ID to access the climbing wall during the regularly scheduled hours of operation.

Additional Policies

  • Participants may only climb during open hours while the climbing wall is supervised.
  • Only individuals who have completed a belay certification course may belay. Belayers and climbers must follow ALL procedures covered in the Training session or privileges may be revoked by the staff. Belay training courses are offered at the start of each semester. Belay “certifications” issued by the Ithaca College Climbing Wall staff are valid for one semester.
  • Participants may not use personal climbing equipment, and must use only the gear provided by Ithaca College. Personal climbing shoes may be used.
  • Open-toed footwear, bare feet, or inappropriate shoes are strictly prohibited. Climbers must wear shirts that cover the entire chest, back, and midriff areas as well as shorts or pants that cover waist to mid-thigh.
  • All shirts must be tucked into harnesses. Long hair must be tied back. Absolutely no necklaces, bracelets, or other exposed jewelry may be worn.
  • Participants must remove objects in the mouth (gum, candy, etc.) when climbing.
  • Climbers must not make contact with the ceiling or the bolt hangers and hardware at the top of the climb.
  • Any safety hazards and accidents, even minor ones, witnessed by participants, must be reported immediately to the staff.
  • Patrons must abide by all Ithaca College Fitness Center policies.
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Guest Pass Policy

Members of the campus community may bring a guest to use the Fitness Center during the academic year and breaks for a fee of $5/day. Payment must be made via cash or check made out to "Ithaca College". Guests must be 18 years of age or older unless their parent or guardian is available to sign a liability waiver in which case the minimum age is 16 years. All guests must provide photo ID, and the sponsor of the guest must remain in the building while their guest is in the facility.

Summer, Holiday Breaks and Intercession Policy

Spouses, qualified domestic partners and dependents (at least 16 years of age) may use the Fitness Center free of charge only during these times. You will present your “summer” ID card to the front desk, which will not be activated during the academic year. Showing the ID card is simply proof of identifying yourself to the fitness center staff. If guests do not have a card, the main office in the fitness center will check with Human Resources verifying your relationship with Ithaca College.