Outdoor Recreation

Belay Certification

Belay Certification Course and Testing Information:

Any participant who wishes to belay at the climbing wall must pass a belay test. Lessons are offered during the semester on dates that are still to be determined. The cost is $10. Certifications must be renewed every semester, but if you already know how to belay, you may test out at the beginning of the lesson. However, if you do not pass, you will be required to retake the lesson. 

 For more information please contact Sean Reilley in the Fitness Center.

Belay Certification FAQ's:

What is the benefit of getting belay certified?

  • Individuals who are belay certified may use the rock wall during open hours, and have the option to act as the belayer for another climber without the direct supervision of the climbing wall staff.

How can I get belay certified?

  • All climbers have the option to take a belay test at the end of one of our teaching days. We will announce these days early in the semester via intercom and the Fitness Center social media. 

If I have experience as a belayer at another Climbing Wall, do I still need to get belay certified?

  • Yes, as a matter of safety and consistency we prefer that all of our belayers use the same technique and are held to the same standards. You may take the test before the lesson begins if you are experienced.