Sport Clubs

Voluntarily organized by students, sport clubs exist for the purpose of furthering a common interest in a physical activity through competition, instruction, participation, or performance. Students elect their own officers, draft their own constitution, request facility space, get approval for and make travel arrangements, schedule contests with other teams, develop contracts with officials and artists, and manage their budget.

For more information on club meetings or to form a new club, contact Mike Ostman via email or in the Sport Clubs office on the first floor of the Fitness Center.

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The Ithaca College Sport Club program categorizes clubs as competitive, instructional, performance or recreation based. Recreational and Performance clubs are defined as clubs that are not necessarily traditional sports in nature and are based strongly around choreography and public performances.


Breakdown Of Recreational And Performance Sport Clubs

Ithaca College’s recreational and performance based clubs currently encompass disciplines of classical instruction, various forms of modern and traditional dance and several Olympic sports and non-traditional sport clubs.


Purpose Of Recreational And Performance Sport Clubs

The purpose of recreational and performance sport clubs is to provide a variety of diverse opportunities for members of the Ithaca College community to discover new athletic, performance or recreational based pursuits, or to continue them, within a safe and secure environment that coincides with their academic requirements. Each recreational and performance club offers its own unique aspects that add to an individuals collegiate experience and benefit the Ithaca College community as a whole. Recreational and performance clubs embody the Ithaca College commitment to providing its students with the opportunity to begin, or continue, exploring their widely varied interests.