Ithaca College's solar farm in Geneva, NY
Ithaca College Sustainability
Carbon neutral by 2050 or sooner.

Sustainability at IC

We seek to lead the integration of sustainability into Ithaca College operations, curriculum, and engagement with the community.

How Does Ithaca College Define Sustainability?

Ithaca College views sustainability as a holistic and complex system, inclusive of human and ecological health, as well as long-term financial security. Sustainability is a shift from viewing human, environmental, and economic needs as competing challenges, to seeing them as interconnected and inextricable components within the same system. We know the solutions to all three issues are related and that by meeting the social needs of current and future populations, we can create an equitable and just world that protects our natural and economic resources for generations to come. IC puts equity and justice at the center of our sustainability work and we strive to incorporate this sustainability model into our vision of becoming a global destination for bold-thinkers seeking to build thriving communities.  

Sustainability Accomplishments

Sustainability Courses

IC offers 156 sustainability-focused courses across all five schools.

GHG Emissions Reduction

Ithaca College has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 50% since 2009.

Acres of Natural Land

IC manages 560 acres of natural areas to preserve biological diversity, ecological functions, and ecosystem services.