Hours: Monday through Friday, 12 pm - 1 pm AND 4 pm - 5 pm

Take IOLeave It. TIOLI is a resource for students to donate or shop for dorm essentials, school supplies, and other common college student needs. Located in the basement of Clark Hall, TIOLI is open 5 days a week for students to peruse or drop off unwanted but still usable items. Looking for something specific? Contact the Eco Reps team and we may be able to help. TIOLI frequently has the following items available:

Clothing hangers, binders, storage bins, folders, various school/desk supplies, lamps, mirrors, books, clothing, water bottles, lunch boxes and lunch kits, dinner and silverware, common kitchen accessories, and so much more.


Courtesy of the Get Your GreenBack Tompkins program, a list of local thrift and secondhand stores is available here. As a part of the Reuse Trail initiative, a treasure hunt is also scheduled at participating stores. Have fun, find what you need, win prizes, and save items from the landfill during the entire month of October! More information on the treasure hunt is available on the Reuse Trail website.

On-Campus Recycling & Waste


Electronic waste disposal stations are located in both the Gannett Library lobby and the upper level of Campus Center. These units accept batteries, small electronics and chargers, and lightbulbs. Please contact the Eco Reps team with any questions or if the unit is full.


Recycling bins have been provided in every residential hall room. If you are missing a recycling bin, please contact the Eco Reps team. Unsure of what can and cannot be recycled? It's easy; any #1, #2 and #5 plastic including takeout containers and yogurt cups; metal cans and foil; all glass, cardboard and paper - even when wet.


On-campus composting is currently offered in all campus dining halls and in IC Square. Eco Reps team members also pick up composting from College Circle Apartments every Sunday. If you are a Circles resident and would like to start composting in your apartment, please visit the Eco Reps website or email the Eco Reps team.

Off-Campus Recycling & Waste

Waste management for off-campus students is provided by Tompkins County Recycling and Materials Management.


Residents in Tompkins County, including Ithaca College students living off-campus, are responsible for collecting any unused food scraps they wish to have composted. While some houses and apartments may have space for compost bins, barrels, or piles, this is not always available. Tompkins County offers free counter-top compost collection containers, as well as outdoor compost delivery containers, free of charge. Once your delivery container is full, simply deliver it to any one of the many drop-off locations around Ithaca. For more information about composting in Tompkins County including drop-off locations and what can and cannot be composted, please visit the Food Scraps Recycling website.


As a resident of Ithaca, you have two options for disposing of your recyclables. Tompkins County offers both curbside pickup and convenient drop-off locations. Recycling containers are available for pickup at the Tompkins County Recycling and Materials Management office or, alternatively, any container smaller than 50 gallons may be marked with an "R" decal which are available at most grocery stores and recycling office. For more information about what can be recycled and when pickup days are, please reference the Curbside Recycling Guidelines for Tompkins County or visit the Recycling and Materials Management website.


Tompkins County offers curbside trash pickup that is paid for on a load-by-load basis. This means you are required to purchase trash tags to dispose of landfill waste. Trash tags are available at most grocery stores and at the Recycling and Materials Management office. For more information, please visit the Tompkins County website.