How Does Ithaca College Define Sustainability?

Ithaca College views sustainability as a holistic system, inclusive of human and ecological health, as well as long-term financial security. We strive to integrate sustainability into our vision of becoming the standard of excellence  for student-centered comprehensive colleges, fostering intellect, creativity, and character. We ask members of our campus community to be mindful about the decisions they make, and to take into consideration the financial, social and environmental impacts of their choices.



Composting at IC Turns 25

Spring 2018 marks the beginning of the twenty-fifth year of the Ithaca College Composting Program. The program was started by a group of students, in collaboration with staff members in the Office of Facilities, who lead the College in establishing a comprehensive recycling program. Today, all campus dining halls collect and compost food scrap, amounting to approximately 250 tons of food scrap diverted from the landfill each year. Since the program began, over 12 million pounds of food scrap have been composted.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Now Available

The Office of Energy Management & Sustainability is pleased to announce that a two-vehicle charging station is now available for electric vehicle drivers to use to power their vehicles. A result of a successful grant application, and as a part of Ithaca College's commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050, we are excited to partner with ChargePoint to install our first EV charging station. The station is located in the Visitor's lot and is available for free for up to 4 hours. For more information on how to initiate a charging session, please visit the recent Intercom post.

Solar Farm's 1 Year Anniversary

November 28th, 2017 marks the one year anniversary of energy production from the College's solar array in Geneva, NY. To date, the solar farm has produced 3.26 gigawatt hours of electricity - the equivalent of saving 1,631,286 gallons of water, planting 57,685 trees, or 10% of Ithaca College's electricity needs. See live production and lifetime data from the solar farm on the dashboard.

Climate Action Plan Reassessment Team

The Office of Energy Management & Sustainability has reassembled a team to review and update the College's 2009 Climate Action Plan. The team hopes to share an updated version of the Climate Action Plan with the community in the Spring of 2018.

Center for Natural Sciences Energy Audit

The Office of Energy Management & Sustainability, with the help of GreenerU and ECT, has completed an energy audit of the Center for Natural Sciences building. The goal of which was to inspect and survey the energy use within the building and identify potential improvements.

EPA Green Power Partner

In August of 2017, Ithaca College joined the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Green Power Partnership by investing in clean, renewable energy at the institution level. In Nov 2016, the College's solar farm went online and provides 10% of our annual electricity needs. Partnership with the EPA acknowledges Ithaca College's commitment to renewable energy and decreasing carbon emissions.REV Campus Leader

Ithaca College is recognized as a Leader in the REV Campus Challenge. The REV Campus Challenge is a NY State program that encourages colleges and universities to invest in climate resiliency. IC obtained "Leader" membership in January 2017 based on our investment in clean energy projects, our embrace of clean energy curricula, research, and development, and the goal of engaging with our community.