How Does Ithaca College Define Sustainability?

Ithaca College views sustainability as a holistic system, inclusive of human and ecological health, as well as long-term financial security. We strive to integrate sustainability into our vision of becoming the standard of excellence for student-centered comprehensive colleges, fostering intellect, creativity, and character. We ask members of our campus community to be mindful of the decisions they make and to take into consideration the financial, social, and environmental impacts of their choices.


IC Electricity is 100% Renewable

In January 2018, the Climate Action Plan Reassessment Team, organized by the Office of Energy Management & Sustainability, recommended that Ithaca College purchase exclusively 100% renewable wind energy from our current electricity supplier. President Collado excitedly supported this recommendation and, in February 2018, the College began using wind energy for all of its electricity needs. This important step has eliminated the College's Scope 2 emissions and has enabled us to get 35% closer to complete carbon neutrality. The College intends to use the RECs (renewable energy certificates) associated with the 2016 installation of the solar farm to offset its Scope 3 emissions. Additional details can be found here.

Sustainability Week 2018

The Office of Energy Management & Sustainability is proud to support the School of Business and the second annual IC Sustainability Week. This year, programming kicks off with world-renowned author and activist, Bill McKibben on April 11th in the Glazer Arena. Other programming includes Anthony Rogers-Wright's keynote address, "IntersectionALL: Exploring the Axiomatic Nexus Between Racial Justice and Climate Change" on April 16th, several expert panels, and the Sustainability Colloquium on April 19th. For resources discussed during Anthony's keynote or workshop, please click here.

Composting at IC Turns 25

Spring 2018 marks the beginning of the twenty-fifth year of the Ithaca College Composting Program. The program was started by a group of students, in collaboration with staff members in the Office of Facilities, who lead the College in establishing a comprehensive recycling program. Today, all campus dining halls collect and compost food scrap, amounting to approximately 250 tons of food scrap diverted from the landfill each year. Since the program began, over 12 million pounds of food scrap have been composted.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Now Available

The Office of Energy Management & Sustainability is pleased to announce that a two-vehicle charging station is now available for electric vehicle drivers to use to power their vehicles. A result of a successful grant application, and as a part of Ithaca College's commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050, we are excited to partner with ChargePoint to install our first EV charging station. The station is located in the Visitor's lot and is available for free for up to 4 hours. For more information on how to initiate a charging session, please visit the recent Intercom post.

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