Web Team Shares "Path to Progress"

By David Cameron, April 15, 2021
View our presentation to campus about all that has changed on ithaca.edu in the past year, and learn about features and updates you’ll be seeing next.

Members of the IC Web Team joined Laurie Koehler, Vice President for Marketing and Enrollment Strategy, and members of the MES leadership team for a "Path to Progress" presentation on March 26, 2021 for an overview of all that has changed on the website in the past year.

Our presentation provided a closer look at some of the new designs and features that were rolled out since the site was relaunched in 2018, and how the website became a significant platform for our community as the COVID-19 pandemic evolved in 2020. We also talked more about the members of our web team, how you can work with us and get help with your own web pages, and we shared some details of new features and updates you’ll be seeing on ithaca.edu in the year ahead.

View the Full Presentation

A recording of our complete presentation from March 26 is available for all Ithaca College students, faculty, or staff to watch in the Microsoft Stream archive.

(IC Netpass login required)

Path to Progress is an ongoing series for the campus community hosted by Marketing and Enrollment Strategy. Presentations focus on the unit’s priorities including admission, retention, marketing and branding efforts, financial aid, constituent engagement, and analytics and institutional research.