How We ExplORG

By PALs, August 27, 2021
Compass Series: Tips, Tricks and Advice from PALs

Hey explorers! Not sure how (or why) to get involved on campus? This blog is for you! Our PALs have a lot to say about their student organization experiences.

First and foremost, student organizations are a perfect way to jump right into the Ithaca community:

“Student orgs have been a great opportunity to explore interests and make friends without the pressure of an official commitment. Try things you normally wouldn't! At the very least, it's a chance to learn more about yourself and grow closer to the Ithaca community.”

Jay, '24

“Orgs and club sports were super impactful my first year. Not because they necessarily helped me find a major, but because they gave me a group and a community during a time when I didn't have a major to form that community for me yet.”

Ellen Chapman, ‘23

“I joined IC Unbound my first semester, and am still a member. I joined The Ithacan my sophomore year and am now on the editorial board. Finding orgs that fit your interests might take some time but eventually you will find it! For me, these orgs have been a great way to meet people in all different majors, it’s a great way to learn about different majors and ask questions.”

Grace, '23

That said, be sure not to overcommit!

“I tried literally anything and everything, and while this was good for the first semester, it did get more complicated second semester. I recommend going to one club meeting for each org you’re interested in, and if you like the way it’s run, continue, and if you don’t, then don’t dwell on it.”

Danka Hlinka, '24

Getting involved also allows you to enjoy interests that don’t align with your academics...

“I am on the e-board for two clubs on campus and being in them has made all the difference for me. They give me a chance to enjoy my interests while not majoring or minoring in them.”

Lindsay Sayer, ‘23

“Yes! Greatly important for Explorers to use orgs as a way to experience new things. I joined as a DJ for one of the on-campus radio stations to see if I liked TVR as a major- I didn't, but it's a great hobby and I made lots of friends. I also joined Women in Communications and learned more about the types of jobs you can get in the communications industry.”

Kristen McBride, ‘21

….but who knows? The people you meet could even lead you to your major!

“I am a part of 5 different clubs on campus: IC Unbound, Bomberthon, HiFashion, Unites for HER, and Running Club. Not only did these clubs allow me to meet some of my closest friends, but I got to learn about everyone's majors and their experiences in their programs. One of my friends from the Running Club actually helped me make the decision to declare a major in Applied Psychology because of conversations we had about their classes, professors, and future career goals.”

Justin Lacharite, ‘22

“The student orgs on campus have helped me figure out who I am as an individual and what I like to do with my time outside of classes. I'm currently the president of the Ithaca Hex Quidditch team, and my friends in Quidditch were actually the ones that pointed me towards the career path I'm pursuing right now. Participating in other student orgs have helped me stay grounded and stay involved through some of the challenges that come along with campus life, and I wouldn't be where I am today without that participation.”

Britta Hodgkins, ‘23

Missed the first year, second year and transfer student recruitment night? Don’t despair! It’s not too late to get involved!

Recruitment week starts THIS MONDAY!

Student Organization Recruitment Week Schedule

Monday, August 30th 11am - 2pm Campus Center Lobby
Tuesday, August 31st 11am - 2pm Clark and Klingenstein Lounges
Wednesday, September 1st 11am - 2pm Clark and Klingenstein Lounges
Thursday, September 2nd 11am - 2pm Clark and Klingenstein Lounges
Friday, September 3rd 11am - 2pm Campus Center Lobby