Explore. Discover. Decide.

Choosing a major is a journey. In H&S Pathways, you can take up to four semesters (or 60 credits) to try on different majors and programs, all with the comfort of knowing you’re making progress toward your degree. Under the guidance of dedicated faculty advisors—and in the company of an energized cohort of new and seasoned H&S Pathways students—you’ll be uniquely positioned to explore across the liberal arts curriculum, so that when you do declare your major, you’ll be confident that your choice aligns with your intellectual passions, your career goals, and your personal values.

The School of Humanities and Sciences is Ithaca College’s home for the liberal arts. Join the largest cohort of explorers in a school that prioritizes student success, hands-on learning, close student/faculty collaboration, and advanced research opportunities. With nearly 200 faculty, 1200 students, 30+ majors, and 40+ minors, H&S will provide you with ample space for exploration, as well as the tools you’ll need to build a program of study with intention, in a community of care and support.

Humanities and Sciences Pathways

For more information, please contact: 
Jessye Cohen-Filipic and Katie Marks, Co-Directors
200 Muller Faculty Center
Ithaca College • 953 Danby Road • Ithaca, NY 14850