Explore. Discover. Decide.

Choosing a major can be a journey. In H&S Pathways, take up to four semesters (or 60 credits) to try-on different majors and programs, all with the comfort of knowing you’re making progress toward your degree. Under the guidance of dedicated faculty advisors--and in the company of an energized cohort of new and seasoned H&S Pathway Students--you’ll be joining a community uniquely positioned to gain knowledge and practice across the curriculum, so that when you do declare your major, you’re confident and well-informed in how your passion can dovetail with your career goals and personal values.

Humanities and Sciences Pathways

For more information, please contact: 
Jessye Cohen-Filipic and Katie Marks, Co-Directors
200 Muller Faculty Center
Ithaca College • 953 Danby Road • Ithaca, NY 14850