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Choosing a major is a journey. In H&S Pathways, you can take up to four semesters (or 60 credits) to try on different majors and programs, all with the comfort of knowing you’re making progress toward your degree. Under the guidance of dedicated faculty advisors—and in the company of an energized cohort of new and seasoned H&S Pathways students—you’ll be uniquely positioned to explore across the liberal arts curriculum, so that when you do declare your major, you’ll be confident that your choice aligns with your intellectual passions, your career goals, and your personal values.

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Why Study the Liberal Arts at Ithaca College?

Our education is hands-on, with advanced research and mentorship opportunities that are truly unique at the undergraduate level. Students in H&S work side by side with our world-class faculty, gaining access to cutting-edge technology and directly engaging in work that advances human understanding and contributes meaningfully to the betterment of the world. In so doing, our students gain practical skills that prepare them for professional success, as well as the agility to navigate ever-evolving technological, economic, environmental, and cultural contexts. As a central guiding principle, an H&S education affirms that students must acquire the intellectual flexibility to adapt to constantly changing circumstances, as well as the confidence and imagination to envision solutions to our society's most pressing problems. Our graduates go on to become active, compassionate members of their communities and knowledgeable leaders in their fields, equipped with an invaluable understanding of the relationship between the day-to-day work they do and its impact on the larger world in which they aspire to be engaged citizens.

Humanities and Sciences Pathways

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