Make Your Schedule Great!

By PALs, August 23, 2021
Compass Series: Tips, Tricks and Advice from PALs

Happy first day of classes explorers! 

To kick off the first day of the semester, here are scheduling tips from a few of our PALs! 

Time management is key, especially in your class schedule...

“My number one advice about scheduling is to give yourself some breathing room between classes. Coming from high school, it's easy to think that pushing all your classes together will give you plenty of free time, but it will just leave you too exhausted to study. Leave room for meals, study breaks, and most importantly, time to check in on yourself.”

Jay, '24

“Give yourself time in between classes!!”

Ellen Chapman, '23

“Put everything in a google calendar, planner, piece of paper, whatever you find most useful (I recommend google calendar). Put in your professors’ office hours, when assignments are due (you can do this when you get your syllabi), class schedule, and it just makes life so much easier so you don’t have to switch from paper to paper to figure out what’s happening when.”

Danka Hlinka '24

...but also remember to schedule in your choice time:

“Plan time to do your homework, get food, spend time with friends, and some time to just chill by yourself. You need to make sure to take care of yourself, especially when your schedule gets crazy.”

Lindsay Sayer, ‘23

And be sure to adjust your schedule to YOUR interests, especially as a first year!

“Look at the potential majors you're interested in and look at the classes you'd have to take and try to register for one of those first level classes.”

Anonymous PAL, '24

“It’s okay to change your schedule, that’s what add/drop is for! If your syllabi are online, read them before classes start to get an idea of what the class might be like. Your schedule might not be perfect, but make sure it fits what you’re interested in and allows for time to explore other interests outside of class.”

Grace, '23

Remember, the last day to add and drop classes for the Fall semester is Friday, August 29th 2021

Have a great first week!