Level Two Summer Residential Workshop

Integrate the skills cultivated through your virtual spring coursework with accomplished singers and pianists, culminating in a recorded performance.


Participants must complete the Level One Spring Virtual Session before being able to participate in the Level Two Summer Residential Workshop. While participants will have the greatest benefit from completing Level One and Level Two in the same year, we can accommodate a participant who would like to complete Level One in the spring and then Level Two the following summer. Participants must complete both Level One and Two within a two-year period to obtain the non-credit bearing professional certificate. 

Residential Workshop

The director is facing all of the actors who are practicing a scene and is providing instruction for where they should stand.

Level Two will provide participants with an opportunity to bring-to-life their own vision and apply the stage direction skills learned during the spring virtual session.

Participants will receive one-on-one guidance from admired and respected professional stage director, Chuck Hudson, and work with a professional conductor, stage manager, opera singers, and accompanists to stage and direct performers in a selected scene.

The summer residential experience will include a dress rehearsal and culminate in a performance of the selected scene on the final day of the workshop. This scene will be professionally recorded and provided to participants to use for career purposes.  

Course Dates

The Level two summer residential workshop will operate from May 18 - May 28, 2022. The workshop is full-time, each of the 10 days. 

Program Fees

More details on the program fees and application process are available on this page.

Ready to Apply?

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, however must be received by January 5. Early application is strongly encouraged: