Business Administration (B.S.)

New for Fall 2024

Please note that, as of Fall 2023, our business degree offerings have expanded to include the majors listed below. These majors will replace our existing Business Administration B.S. degree. Current students enrolled in Business Administration will be supported through the completion of their degree. New students, starting with Fall 2024 entry, will be encouraged to apply to one of our new business majors, coming soon to Common app. 

New Business Majors at Ithaca College

Long gone are the days when a person who wanted to succeed in business could train on the job and keep that job for his or her whole life. In today's warp-speed economy people change jobs quickly, as the marketplace dictates. The successful businessperson therefore has to be a knowledgeable generalist as well as a field-specific expert.

Our bachelor of science degree in business administration will train you to be both. Since you'll complement your business curriculum with a substantial number of courses in the liberal arts, you'll become the flexible, innovative thinker today's CEOs are seeking.

In your first two years you'll take required business courses that introduce you to the worlds of accounting, law, and management. In addition, you'll take courses in the humanities, writing, the social sciences, and the natural sciences. Your third year is the time to begin a primary concentration and start focusing on that topic. This is also when you might take additional courses in ethics, finance, marketing, or operations management.

Not all your time, though, will be spent in class: you'll also gain real-world experience. Our internship staff has helped students secure positions all over the world, as well as in downtown Ithaca. Our many activities and clubs will also help you prepare for a lifetime of success in the global economy.

More Opportunities

On campus our clubs are active in hosting guest speakers, sponsoring charitable events, and helping students with the crucial details of business manners and job hunting. We even hold an annual business etiquette dinner, which will help you ace your job-interview meals -- teaching you how to use the right fork, order the right food, and say the right thing.

Student organizations and honor societies include

  • Accounting Association (Institute of Management Accountants-affiliated chapter)
  • American Marketing Association
  • Beta Alpha Psi honor society
  • Beta Gamma Sigma honor society
  • Business Sustainability Ambassadors
  • Career Connections
  • Core Trading Consultants
  • Deans' Hosts
  • Dean's Student Advisory Council
  • Financial Management Association and IC Investment Club
  • IC Entrepreneurs
  • International Business Association
  • National Association of Black Accountants
  • School of Business peer advisers
  • Sigma Iota Epsilon honor society
  • Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)
  • Women in Business Network
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Sport Management