Marketing Concentration

Marketing focuses on the ultimate source of revenues and profits: the customer. Whether the product is a good, service, or idea offered by a financial services provider, beverage maker, or nonprofit institution, understanding the target customers and developing a compelling marketing plan to connect with them is critical to product success.

Marketing is an exciting field that taps your creativity, your capacity for analysis, and your understanding of human nature. Through a mix of classroom work and hands-on experiences, you'll learn the ins and outs of market research, strategic plan development, consumer behavior, international marketing, product and brand planning, pricing, distribution, and marketing communications (including sales and new media). Internships are strongly encouraged to give you further opportunities to test what you've learned and create your own marketing success.

Explore Marketing

Our broad curriculum and outside-the-classroom opportunities will prepare you well for virtually unlimited career paths. Graduates of our program have gone on to positions such as brand assistant, research associate, account executive, professional sales representative, consumer affairs specialist, and direct marketing coordinator in a variety of corporate, small business, and nonprofit settings.