Cinema and Photography (B.S.)

The BS in cinema and photography allows you to specialize in one of two areas—cinema production or photography. From your first semester, you'll be deeply involved in planning, shooting, and editing film and still photography projects. Your introductory courses will teach you to evaluate your work with a deeper understanding of what gives an image impact and meaning. You'll venture forth from film production classes with a whole new appreciation for the amount of planning and work that goes into a movie long before the cameras start rolling.

Explore the Cinema and Photography Experience at IC

Check out our internationally recognized faculty, supportive alumni network, award-winning campus media, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, and more. 

By your sophomore year you'll select your concentration:

  • Still Photography—includes classes in exploring the practice, history, and theory of photography and visual culture.
  • Cinema Production—includes courses such as film theory, screenwriting, advanced cinema production, and selected topics in advanced cinema production.

We have the equipment and the facilities—including three film and video studios—to help you build an excellent foundation for your future career. All students supply their own digital SLR camera and light meter, but you’ll also have access to Ithaca College’s traditional film cameras and professional HD cameras, professional lighting equipment, and well-appointed editing labs.

You’ll also have plenty of real-world opportunities to test and hone your new skills. Our Los Angeles Program arranges internships at film studios, production, and post-production companies. Recent internships include G4’s Attack of the Show, HD Films’ The Morning After, and Misher films. Students in the Photo Italy course travel to Italy for several weeks of hands-on photography in the summer, and other students have visited countries such as Antigua, China, South Africa, and South Korea to get a taste of life as working photojournalists.

Recent graduates have found success from Los Angeles to New York City, with positions at U.R.O.K. Productions (the production company for AMC’s Mad Men), Ptramigan Films, and even working for themselves as freelance artists.