Communication Management and Design (B.S.)

Companies and organizations are constantly in the public eye. Consumer and employee perceptions can make or break any organization, no matter what its product or service may be. The communication management and design (CMD) major prepares students to communicate the message of an organization internally, locally, and globally.CMD majors learn to craft, plan, build, and execute an organization’s communications to make sure their core message is always delivered the right way—and correct it if it’s not. CMD majors learn to communicate creatively, effectively, and successfully for any type of organization.

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There are two concentrations in CMD: corporate communication and communication design.

The corporate communication concentration teaches students to plan, coordinate, and execute the strategy and vision of an organization by planning corporate events, developing crisis communication plans, crafting communication strategies, and managing a company’s reputation.

The communication design concentration teaches students how to give form to an organization’s strategy and vision by designing and developing graphics, websites, video, social media, training, and infographics.

Our capstone course, communication management lab, provides students with an opportunity to put the knowledge they’ve gained into practice. During the course, students create a strategic vision for an organization and then work within teams to develop professional plans that turn the vision into reality.

The communication design lab course focuses on applying your learning by working with a client to develop tangible products that bring the client’s ideas to life. Students utilize their extensive design skills to create professional products, graphics, websites, infographics, and social media to meet the client’s needs.

CMD majors have plenty of opportunities to apply their knowledge through internships—our wide alumni network provides built-in contacts at organizations in many professional fields. Our programs in London, New York, and Los Angeles offer practical work experience through internships. Our students have secured internships at major corporations, innovative design firms, and in government agencies. An internship introduces you to the work of a communication professional and links you into our extensive network of professionals and alumni.

In today’s global economy, an organization's ability to communicate effectively has never been more critical. CMD is the major that prepares you for the future of communications. Our cutting edge curriculum, superb classroom experiences that prepare for the real world, and our exceptional internships and alumni network ensure that you are prepared for your first job and your entire career.