German Area Studies (B.A.)

Technology is blurring the boundaries between countries and making nearly every culture around the globe accessible: you can hop a flight to another hemisphere or take a virtual voyage around the world. As a German major at Ithaca College, you'll use that technology to complement your language learning as you research, discover, and truly learn the German language.

Your experience will be more than bratwurst and sauerkraut: we encourage cross-cultural exploration, and many students satisfy their international curiosities with a semester abroad. You'll get a global perspective when you sign on to study in Germany with the Institute for the International Education of Students or other programs. You'll soak up German culture and get a close-up look at ethnicity and nationalism while stretching your legs in Berlin's Turkish quarter or hobnobbing with the locals.

German majors from Ithaca have gone on to graduate study in German and related fields such as politics and business. Others have taken positions as web designers, media specialists, international journalists, and English as a second language teachers.