German (teacher education) (B.A.)

If you're interested in both learning and teaching German, you can combine your passions in one major. Our teacher education program allows you to explore German language and culture in depth as well as take courses that will prepare you to teach at the secondary school level.

The ability to teach German requires not only a proficiency in the language but also an intensive knowledge of its culture. Students are encouraged to further refine their language skills and explore Germanic culture by studying abroad in Freiburg, Vienna, or Berlin.

On campus you may practice your teaching skills by working as an assistant in an introductory language class. In your senior year, you'll teach German at both the middle and high school levels under the guidance of a master teacher.

Teacher education majors work toward initial certification for grades 7 through 12. Many of our majors find teaching jobs immediately after graduation. Some have also earned doctorates in the language, which can lead to careers in college teaching, law, or publishing.