Health Education and Physical Education (B.S.)

A dual-degree program in health education and physical education makes you doubly marketable when it comes time to find a teaching job.

After finishing our four-year course of study, you'll be eligible for initial New York State teacher certification in both health education K–12 and physical education K–12. Through your interdisciplinary work you'll gain a deeper understanding of the human body and its need for a healthy lifestyle.We start you off with young people right away. In your freshman year you'll spend time at local schools observing and assisting both health education and physical education teachers. Each year the amount of time you spend working directly with students increases. Because you'll work in different schools, you'll receive a range of experiences with children of different ages.

Your hands-on work culminates with student teaching in your senior year. Supervised by a master teacher, you'll spend an entire semester planning, presenting, and participating in classes. You'll spend half of the semester delivering a health education curriculum, the other half delivering a physical education curriculum.

Majoring in both health education and physical education helps you analyze the mind-body connection and gain a holistic understanding of human beings. Skills courses like cross-country skiing and yoga enhance this deeper understanding. And our blend of liberal arts, exercise science, teacher education, and professional theory courses provides you with the depth you need to excel.