Honors Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies

Alicia Swords
Associate Professor of Sociology and Honors Program Director

The Ithaca College Honors Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies equips students with diverse tools for addressing the complex challenges of today's world. Students gain knowledge from multiple disciplines, select appropriate methods, and develop skills for dialogue and collaboration with interdisciplinary teams.

With the guidance of an Honors advisor, students design a pathway that includes intensive Honors academic seminars, global citizenship, cultural and civic engagement, and a culminating interdisciplinary scholarly or creative project.

Honors courses may not be taken pass/fail or S/D/F. To remain in Honors, a student must make regular progress toward completion of the program. Any student who does not register for an Honors course for three consecutive semesters without having discussed a plan for completion of the program with the program director will be deemed inactive and removed from the program. In order to graduate with Ithaca College Honors, a student must have a GPA greater than or equal to 3.0 in all courses as well as within Honors courses.

Students will be certified for graduation with Ithaca College Honors during their last semester in residence, based on evaluation by the Honors Steering Committee. Any petition or appeal related to the Honors Program is handled through the Director of the Honors Program.