Italian Studies (B.A.)

Our Italian studies major combines courses in Italian language, literature, art, music, history, film, and translation to expand your mind -- and your horizons. Flexibility is built into the curriculum. You can focus in depth on Italian language and literature, or take an interdisciplinary approach by selecting courses in areas such as art history, theatre arts, English, history, politics, and religious studies. You will also study a second language of your choice.

In addition to the close relationships you'll enjoy with our faculty, you'll have the benefit of an extensive Italian film collection and a chapter of the Italian national honor society, which provides scholarship opportunities. Students have also been awarded competitive scholarships from the Fulbright Scholar Program, the National Italian American Foundation, and the National Organization of Italian American Women. The weekly Italian Conversation Hour provides opportunities to immerse yourself in the Italian language and culture in a small group setting. Other events include bocce tournaments, trips to see Italian operas, and visits to the prestigious Fiske Dante Collection at the Cornell University Library.

When you are ready to road test your knowledge of Italian language and culture, you may enroll in the college’s summer program in Siena. As you stroll through local piazzas and study the city's art and architecture, you'll have plenty of opportunities to practice your conversational Italian. You may also spend a full semester or even a year abroad at one of our affiliated programs in Milan, Rome, or Siena.

In today's global marketplace, foreign language skills and intercultural understanding open doors to international careers. Italian studies majors graduate with excellent communication skills that enable them to set their own course, whether it's a career in teaching, translation and interpreting, international relations or business, the fashion or tourism industries, or graduate study.