Mathematics-Physics (B.A.)

To understand the exciting advances in modern physics, you must be fluent in the language of mathematics. Our dual-major, mathematics-physics program recognizes this interrelation and supports students whose talents bridge both fields.

The program is designed for students who want to explore physics, from basic mechanics to quantum theory, and learn the mathematical language that describes it, from basic calculus to abstract algebra. To that end, the program offers a balanced curriculum that allows you to pursue both subjects equally. It also gives you more flexibility in selecting courses, allowing you to gain a firm understanding of both subjects. In addition, you may switch to a major program in either area up to the middle of junior year.

Through classroom work and lab projects, you'll learn physics as you gain skills in mathematical computation, modeling, reasoning, and analysis. You'll also have exciting opportunities for hands-on research. Our students are currently working on projects that range from computational modeling of asteroid surfaces to experimenting with advanced optics to re-engineering the campus with sustainable energy systems.

The dual-major program will give you the knowledge, experience, and organizational skills to face successfully all the intellectual and professional challenges that lie ahead. Our graduates have gone on to study for advanced degrees at prestigious schools worldwide or have begun careers in industry, technology, research, and other related fields, working as test engineers, research specialists, and project managers.