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We are a community of teachers, learners, and scholars. We support and mentor students through innovative teaching, interaction outside of class, collaborating on research, and social events.
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Mathematics Teacher Education B.A. - Final entry term: Fall 2021 

Learn about IC’s “Teach in 5” program. (IC students already enrolled in the Mathematics Teacher Education major will be supported through completion of their degree. For degree requirements, please refer to the Ithaca College catalog for the year in which you declared this major.)

Dedicated Faculty

We teach a wide range of classes, for majors, minors, students in the sciences and business, and for all students who wish to develop a quantitative understanding of the world. Our small classes enable the faculty to spend a lot of time working one-on-one with students. Several of our faculty have won regional and national teaching awards, and we use our experience to make mathematics come alive in the classroom.

Teacher Education

We also have a thriving teacher education program, in which we work closely with Ithaca College's education department. In addition to developing a strong mathematical background, our student-teachers get lots of experience in actual classrooms working with middle school and high school students.

Collaborative Research

Mathematics is part of the way humans understand our world—it is a discipline that is constantly growing with new ideas and theorems. Our students explore and contribute to this world! We provide students many chances to engage in mathematical research, starting in our introductory level Mathematical Experimentation course, continuing in our junior year research courses, and culminating in senior research projects.

Successful Graduates

Studying mathematics helps to develop your analytical skills and problem-solving ability, so it opens the door to working in a wide range of jobs in finance, law, medicine, science, and many other fields. Our alumni have found success in many different careers such as teaching, education policy, actuary, and computer programming. 

Involved Students

In addition to taking classes, our students contribute significantly to the department. Students can work as peer tutors, be inducted into our chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon, or join the Math Club and help plan picnics and game nights. Many upperclassmen also work as student assistants in our introductory courses.

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