Physical Education (B.S.)

Studies consistently show that our country's children are watching more television, eating more high-fat foods, and exercising less. Obesity and physical inactivity in children have been linked to a myriad of health problems that extend throughout the human life span. Now more than ever, physical education programs in schools are absolutely essential.

Ithaca College has been training physical education teachers and coaches for almost 90 years. In our program you'll develop a solid understanding of behavioral and exercise sciences and of teaching methods.

You'll begin working with young people right away. In your freshman year you'll spend time at local schools observing and assisting teachers, and each year offers more time and experience with students. Your final student-teaching experience occurs in your senior year. Supervised by a master teacher, you'll spend an entire semester planning, presenting, and participating in classes. Half of the semester you'll teach in an elementary or middle school; the other half is spent at a high school. The program leads to initial New York State certification to teach physical education at the elementary and secondary school levels.

Once they earn their Master's degree, some of our graduates also go on to find jobs as teachers or coaches at colleges and universities.