Physics (B.A.)

Our versatile physics B.A. curriculum allows you to pursue the profound links between physics and other subjects. You may do this in any of the College's schools. You may even choose to double-major in physics and in another discipline. One student, for example, earned degrees in physics and anthropology; another, in physics and audio production, a concentration in the television-radio major in Ithaca’s School of Communications.

You can graduate with a degree in physics while specializing in a specific area, such as astronomy, geophysics, or electronics. Using our performance-based teaching laboratory, our faculty will introduce you to the latest methods in physics education. Like our other physics programs, the B.A. option provides ample opportunities for hands-on research. Our students and faculty have analyzed data from NASA's Spitzer space telescope; collaborated on magnetic surveys of archaeological sites; studied the process of asteroid crater formation; investigated the properties of materials at low temperatures; and assisted with the acoustic monitoring of elephants in West Africa.

Most of our recent alumni have continued their educations in graduate school. Others have accepted positions at high-technology companies such as Intel, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin, or have chosen to teach. With a physics degree from Ithaca College, you'll be prepared to compete in a variety of fields, including science, math, engineering, computing, technology, and education.