Physics (teacher education) (B.A.)

If you want to study physics and learn how to teach it to others, our physics teacher education program is an excellent choice. Physics teacher education majors take the same core classes as physics majors while receiving comprehensive preparation for a teaching career at the middle school or high school level. You’ll graduate with initial New York State teacher certification, and have the option to go straight into our M.A.T program.

Our new cutting-edge, performance-based physics teaching classroom provides an ideal setting for practicing your skills and testing hypotheses about the best approaches to teaching physics. You’ll also have opportunities for hands-on research with faculty who are as committed to doing science as they are to pedagogy. One teacher education student recently worked on a project funded by the National Science Foundation which analyzed the effectiveness of teaching methods in our new interactive classroom.

Physics teacher education students gain even more experience during their semester-long student teaching assignments in local public schools and in tutoring positions on campus. With all of these teaching opportunities and a solid background in physics, you’ll be poised to take charge of your own classroom soon after graduation.