An Emmy Award-Winning 15-Year Partnership

Jeremy Levine '07 and Landon Van Soest '04 began working together while students at Ithaca College. Now they are an Emmy Award-winning documentary film-making team, heading up Transient Pictures in Brooklyn, New York.

They directed, produced, shot, and edited Good Fortune, a feature documentary about how efforts to aid Africa may be undermining the very communities they aim to serve. The film was awarded the Witness Award for Human Rights at its 2009 Silverdocs Film Festival premiere, the 2011 Overseas Press Club Carl Spielvogel Award for international reporting, and a 2007 fellowship from the Sundance Institute.

Good Fortune was broadcast on the award-winning PBS series, POV, and won a 2010 Emmy Award. The team’s first film, Walking The Line, a feature documentary about vigilantes along the U.S.Mexico border was screened in dozens of film festivals around the world, broadcast nationally in five countries, and recognized with several awards for production, reporting, and preserving human rights. They have also produced for several on-going television series, including PBS NewsHour and Doomsday Preppers, the highest rated series ever on National Geographic Channel.

Jeremy and Landon co-founded the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective, a non-profit organization that provides support to independent filmmakers in New York City. They launched Transient Pictures in the fall of 2005, which has produced a wide range of original content for broadcasters, local businesses, and arts organizations such as the Sundance Channel, Brooklyn Brewery, Sotheby’s, Demand a Plan, Working Films, and the Lincoln Center.

“One of the most amazing things about my time at Ithaca College was how quickly I was out in the world making films. My second semester, I found myself in the Sonora desert filming the nascent vigilante movement along the U.S.–Mexico border. This was the start of my first film, Walking The Line, which went on to screen at film festivals and on television around the world.”

“There is something really incredible about this process—of being trusted to start creating really early on, to learn from your mistakes, and then get back out there. Combined with robust theory classes and a really supportive and nurturing faculty, there’s no better way to learn.”

Jeremy Levine