Our academic program emphasizes a hybrid of pre-professional and liberal-arts based courses, both within the Park School and with about 50% of your courses outside the PArk School.  The Sports Media major requires a core of communications-oriented courses and provides students an opportunity to pursue a focused area of study, such as: sports journalism; sports broadcasting; sports integrative marketing communications; sports event management and design; sports television production; and sports public relations.

Sports Media majors tailor their required electives toward professional goals through a minimum of 18 additional credits in the Park School of Communications, including at least nine credits at the 300-level or above.

Those interested in Sports Journalism would consider:

  • JOUR 11200 Investigative Journalism; then
  • JOUR 21100 Visual Journalism; and then
  • JOUR 39000 Sports Journalism.

Those interested in Sports Broadcast/Production would consider:

  • TVR 10700 Introduction to Television Studio Production; then
  • TVR 22500 Television Production and Direction; and then
  • TVR 30400 Advanced Studio Production.

Those interested in Sports Media Relations would consider:

  • STCM 10300 Introduction to Strategic Communication; then
  • STCM 332 Writing for Public Relations; and then
  • STCM 366 Global, Intercultural and Multicultural Public Relations.

Those interested in Sports Event Design/Management would consider:

  • STCM 133 Live Events; Spectacles, Festivals, Celebrations and Society; then
  • STCM 230 Meeting and Event Management; and then
  • STCM 333 Applied Event Management.

Those interested in Sports Marketing/Communication would consider:

  • STCM 103 Introduction to Strategic Communication; then
  • STCM 211 Corporate Communication: Strategy and Design; then
  • STCM 301 Social Media Strategy.

Sports Media majors also have enough academic flexibility to declare a minor in the Park School, the School of Business, the School of Health Sciences and Human Performance, or the School of Humanities and Sciences.