The Park School has numerous labs with all the necessary hardware and software for students to complete their required assignments and projects. However, students may choose to bring their own laptop. Incoming students do NOT need to purchase such software until classes begin since the recommended/required software is available at an educational discount.

Production-Based Courses

For students anticipating pursuing an area of study focused in areas that require video, audio, and/or graphics editing, an Apple MacBook Pro is the best choice because the production labs are already set up for Macs. We recommend that students who wish to edit video on their own computers use Adobe Premiere software, but it is not required. ProTools is the recommended software for students who intend to edit audio on their computers.

Students may consider purchasing an external hard drive for use in production classes. Faculty in the courses will provide specific technical specifications for hard drives. It is not necessary to purchase an external hard drive prior to coming to campus.

Graphic Design/Creative-Based Courses

If a student is interested in pursuing a career path in a creative field (art direction, graphic design, etc.), Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and Dreamweaver) is recommended.