American Marketing Association

Our Mission

The mission of the Ithaca College chapter of the American Marketing Association (ICAMA) is to be one of the leading professional student organizations on campus. We will accomplish this by acting as a direct pipeline for students entering the marketing and business sectors. Through real-world business experience, community engagement and organizational development, ICAMA will provide its members with the tools to succeed in today’s competitive media landscape.

For more information please email us at: ithacacollegeama@gmail.com

Faculty Advisor: Scott Erickson, Ph.D.

Executive Board

  • Rachel Cadet  '20 - Co-President 
  • Junior Holguin '21 - Co-President
  • Binnur Dogan '21  VP of Professional Development 
  • Zack Lemberg '23 VP of Advertising and Graphic Design 
  • Grayce Smith '21 VP of Community Impact 
  • Jackson Puylara '21 VP of Fundraising 
  • Chris Killoran  '21 VP of Finance 
  • Nadia  Truglio '22 VP of Communication
  • Ari Field '22 VP of Market Research  

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Meeting Times

Mondays - 7 p.m.
Business 111