Society for Human Resource Management

The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) is an organization that works to create better workplaces and help employees succeed together. Ithaca College has a collegiate chapter that was founded in 2016 as an extension of the local NY chapter and Cornell’s collegiate chapter. We host a multitude of speakers discussing important topics like diversity and inclusion, how to navigate working internationally, and understanding your personal rights. SHRM@IC also operates in conjunction with a 300-level course in the Management concentration – Human Resource Management, where they host study sessions to help prep for exams.

In addition to holding events to educate and celebrate students, we travel to compete in different competitions. There is an annual summit where local collegiate chapters of SHRM participate in a case competition focusing on real-world HR issues and how we would solve them. SHRM@IC has placed within the top 3 finalists every year we've competed. These competitions often focus on employee relations, HR law, and compliance, so the students can see what HR professionals often have to be cognizant of in their daily professional lives. At the competition, there is a presentation discussing the teams’ solutions to the issue, a chance to answer questions, and a networking opportunity with professional members of the local chapter along with other students.

Although SHRM is HR-focused, it is not for just Management students who might want to go into Human Resources. Many of the events focus on ways to improve yourself as a potential candidate when you’re looking for jobs, along with things everyone should know like human rights, diversity, and how to be the best young professional you could be



Co-President: Brenna Hanratty

Co-President: Megan Parker

Advisor: John Vongas