Peer Advisors

Ithaca College School of Business Peer Advisors

The School of Business Peer Advisor group is a professional mentor organization designed to provide advice in and out of the classroom for the First Year Students at the School of Business. Advisors are chosen through a selective interview process and must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0. We encourage our peers to have a strong commitment to bettering not only their advisees’ experience but also the IC community.

Advisors work with students in their World of Business sections as well as outside the classroom to assist in their transition to the college setting. We strive to form personal relationships with each one of our peers to assure that their time at IC is outstanding. Aside from working with First Year Students, the Peer Advisors build professional and leadership skills. Throughout the semester members attend weekly team meetings, participate in team building exercises and community service events. The Peer Advisors also host the annual School of Business Academic Demonstration during Family Weekend.

"We're prepared for your future...are YOU?"

Executive Board

Carley Kaiser '25: President

Molly Walsh '24: Vice President

Keith Joerger '24: Vice President

Advisor: John Vongas


Do you have a question for a peer advisor? You can use their Telegram link below to contact members or their Ithaca College email address.