Core Trading Consultants

The Core Trading Consultants, also known as CTC, is an entirely student run finance organization that gives its members the opportunity to integrate coursework with real-world experience. This opportunity is realized through active management of the Ithaca College Investment Club (ICIC) mutual fund, which has roughly $100,000 in combined assets.

Every Thursday from 12:10-1:00pm, in the Trading Room (BUS 105), the Core Trading Consultants assess the fund’s progress, discuss the current state of the market, research new securities, and teach members finance related topics of their choice. Additionally, the organization provides access to and technical assistance with the Trading Room's state of the art financial software.

Like an investment bank, the CTCs are broken down into sector groups.  During these group meetings (scheduled as additional meetings, apart from the general meeting on Thursday), the CTCs research companies within their industry, set up watch lists, and compare fundamentals between firms. Over time, each industry group selects a stock that they believe will appreciate in value and gives a “buy presentation” during a general Thursday meeting. A vote by alumni determines if the stock will be added to the fund’s portfolio (a majority vote resulting in an acquisition). Each industry group is composed of a Senior Analyst (an upper class student), and a group of Junior Analysts, who are taught the necessary skills needed to succeed in the financial field by their Senior Analyst.

The CTCs are a valuable asset to the School of Business in providing new opportunities for the club’s members to expand their financial knowledge, experience, and confidence. By joining this organization, members will build relationships with fellow students, professors, and the club’s close-knit alumni network. 


CTC Portfolio:

To see the current portfolio, please click on the following link:

file-outline CTCFundamental.pdf - CTCFundamental.pdf (83.31 KB)
Weekly Meetings

Every Thursday at 12:10-1:00 in the Trading Room.

We analyze the club's mutual fund, discuss the current state of the market, and research new stocks and securities. All students interested in the stock market and finance are always welcome!

Executive Board

Co-Presidents: Cole Doyon '25 and Sanskar Mehta '25

VP of Finance: David Diaram

VP of Communications: Julia Viavattene