Our students and faculty utilize various labs for instruction and research.

Curriculum & Methods Lab

The Curriculum & Methods Lab is a department resource for students in health education, physical education, health & physical education (dual), graduate studies in health education, and graduate studies in physical education.  The facility houses a bank of computers (both PC and Mac) and a variety of teaching technology, software, and books and resources like videos, teaching aids, reference materals and health education equipment.  A SMART board is available for students to learn how to use technology in the classroom.  Our teacher education faculty, Dr. Laura Campbell Carapella, Dr. Phoebe Constantinou, Dr. Hongwei Guan, Dr. Raj Subramaniam, and Dr. Deborah Wuest use the lab and its resources in their professional preparation courses.

Food and Nutrition Lab

Housed in Hill Center, the Food and Nutrition Lab offers faculty and students hands-on experiences in the preparation and cooking of foods. Students in our  Health  Sciences  Food and Nutrition Emphasis Major  and the Nutrition Promotion Minor benefit greatly from this opportunity.  This lab is used by several classes within the Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education: HLTH 20100 Food and Society, HLTH 20200 Human Nutrition, HLTH 21300 Wellness: Multicultural Perspectives in Health, HLTH 30500 Community Nutrition, and HLTH403 00 Nutritional Care and Therapeutics. Dr. Julia Lapp, Dr. Amy Frith, and Dr. Mary Bentley are among the faculty that take advantage of the Food and Nutrition Lab to enrich their classes through hands-on learning.

Microbiology Lab

The recently open Microbiology lab has created new opportunities for students and faculty.  The lab is used for the course Microbiology in the Health Sciences, a lecture course with a lab component, taught by Dr. Kari Brossard Stoos  Students and faculty also have the opportunity to engaged in research using the state of the art lab facilities.  You can read more about the lab and its use in the article Monkeys and Microbes Studies in Ithaca College's New Biosafety Lab.

Motor Behavior & Fitness Lab

Students in Health Promotion & Physical Education have access to a lab for Motor Behavior and Fitness in education.  In this lab setting, they have hands on experience in fitness assessment and engage in activities that help them understand how people of all ages acquire motor skills and how these skills change over the lifespan.Students gain experience using the TriFit equipment, commonly used in the schools to assess students' fitness. Students also get to explore fitness activities using the WiFit equipment.

Run by Dr. Hongwei Guan, the lab houses resources students use in the following courses:

  • PHED 21200 Motor Skill Development
  • PHED 23400 Fitness Applications for Health Promotion, and
  • HLTH 31600 Health Research & Analysis.