Therapeutic Recreation

Hands-on experiences to complement your classroom learning.


The following courses are offered for Therapeutic Recreation Majors. You must indicate which course you will be registering for on the Student Placement Form.

Internship in Recreation & Leisure Studies

Credits: 9-12

  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00
  • Minimum GPA in RLS courses of 2.50
  • Minimum of 3.00 in RLS-24800
  • Completion of at least 24 credits of required RLS courses and 6 credits of recreation electives
  • Approval of department chair

Advanced Fieldwork

Credits: 9

Students must have completed at least 24 credits of required RLS courses and 6 credits of recreation electives. If any of the following apply, however, students will need to enroll in Advanced Fieldwork (instead of Internship), which requires students to intern within 200 miles of Ithaca College to receive closer faculty supervision:

  • A grade of B- or less in RLS 24800
  • Cumulative GPA of less than 2.00
  • GPA in RLS courses of less than 2.50

Permission of department chair required.

Important Due Dates

Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies


Important Due Dates

NOTE: there will be a required internship zoom meeting on September 15, 2020 at 12:05 pm.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A legal affiliation contract must be in place between the agency and Ithaca College before you can start your internship. If a contract with your preferred placement does not exist, you will need to submit your Site Acceptance Form several weeks, or even a month or two, earlier than these due dates so a contract can be arranged. Be aware that developing a contract may take from six months to a year.

Spring 2021 Internship
Application for Internship/GPA Calculator: Friday, 9/25/2020
Agency Acceptance Form: Friday, 11/13/2020
Student Placement Form: Friday, 11/27/2020

Summer 2021 Internship
Application for Internship/GPA Calculator: Friday, 2/19/2021
Agency Acceptance Form: Friday, 4/9/2021
Student Placement Form: Friday, 4/23/2021

Fall 2021 Internship
Application for Internship/GPA Calculator: Friday, 2/12/2021
Agency Acceptance Form: Friday, 4/23/2021
Student Placement Form: Friday, 5/14/2021

If these deadlines are not met, the student will need to wait until the following semester to complete their internship.

NOTE: Please send all materials to Dr. Elich Monroe at monroej@ithaca.edu

Steps to Complete Advanced Fieldwork or Internship

1. Download and read the Therapeutic Recreation Internship Manual.

file-outline TR Internship Manual 10-2019.pdf - TR Internship Manual 10-2019.pdf (347.52 KB)

2. Download the Application for Internship or Advanced Fieldwork Form and the GPA Calculator Spreadsheet. Follow the procedures for filling out the form and then submit this form to the RLS Internship Coordinator.

file-outline TR Application for Internship.docx - TR Application for Internship.docx (20.84 KB)
file-outline TR GPA Calculator.xlsx - TR GPA Calculator.xlsx (19.25 KB)

3. Once approved, you will receive an e-mail requesting that you set up a meeting with the RLS Internship Coordinator.

4. In consultation with your academic advisor and the RLS Internship Coordinator, begin researching potential sites.

5. Once a site has been identified and approved by the RLS Internship Coordinator, download the TR Site Acceptance Form, fill in the top portion of page 1, and then send the form to the site supervisor to complete.

file-outline TR Site Acceptance Form.docx - TR Site Acceptance Form.docx (25.85 KB)

6. Once the RLS Internship Coordinator has received the site acceptance form from the site, they will notify you that you need to complete the TR Student Placement Form. Note that ALL information on this form (except for the signatures) must be typed.

file-outline TR Student Placement Form.docx - TR Student Placement Form.docx (39.67 KB)

7. Upon confirmation of your placement, complete the TR Internship Requirements Checklist based on your start and end dates, and submit it to the Internship Coordinator.

file-outline TR Internship Requirements Checklist .docx - TR Internship Requirements Checklist .docx (16.57 KB)

8. Once you are at your agency, please complete the Student Information Form and send it to your faculty internship supervisor by the end of the first week of your placement.

file-outline TR Student Information Form.docx - TR Student Information Form.docx (32.84 KB)

9. Submit your Midterm Evaluation and Final Evaluation to your faculty internship supervisor at the appropriate due dates.

file-outline TR Midterm Evaluation.docx - TR Midterm Evaluation.docx (27.51 KB)
file-outline TR Final Evaluation.docx - TR Final Evaluation.docx (27.46 KB)

10. Complete the Department of RLS Internship Agency Evaluation form and submit it to your Ithaca College internship supervisor.

file-outline Internship Agency Evaluation_0.docx - Internship Agency Evaluation_0.docx (13.55 KB)

Compliance with NCTRC Internship Standards

Students are responsible for assuring that your internship placement conforms with National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification Internship Standards.

file-outline NCTRC Internship Standards May 2019_0.pdf - NCTRC Internship Standards May 2019_0.pdf (218.04 KB)


Dr. Jan Monroe
RLS Internship Coordinator
G42 Hill Center
Ithaca College
953 Danby Road
Ithaca, NY 14850

(607) 274-3172