Catherine Gooch, Program Director

Professional headshot.

Catherine Gooch CTRS, MS Ed is the Pre-Health Professions Program Director. She teaches the Health Sciences: Foundations and Careers course that all Pre-Health Professions Program students take their fall first-year semester and advises most Pre-Health Professions students and effectively leads all program initiatives. As Clinical Assistant Professor for the Department of Health Sciences and Public Health, she also teaches courses focusing on Health & Wellness.

In the fall of 2023 (after 22 years), she stepped down as the Program Director of the Center for Life Skills (post-stroke rehabilitation program) in order to coordinate the HSPH's Internship and Fieldwork program. Her scholarly interests include studying societal leisure practices including time economics, inter-professional education, stroke (emerging) risk factors, and the development of community partnerships.

If you are a current Pre-Health Professions Program student and would like to learn more about the Pre-Health Professions Ambassador Program (a wonderful leadership role and position at IC) contact Ms.  Gooch directly at

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