Declare a Major

HSHP offers the largest diversity of health professions degree programs in the Northeast. Both majors and minors are available in a variety of disciplines.

Once you decide upon a major, you can apply as an internal transfer into your major of choice. Entry into several of our undergraduate majors including, but not limited to, Athletic Training, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy is highly competitive with limited seat availability.

Transferring into any major is not guaranteed and depends upon capacity, student academic performance, and other Department-specific transfer requirements. Since most careers in health care require advanced degrees to practice, many students opt for an undergraduate major which allows them to establish a strong baseline understanding of the health care field and explore general interests, while collecting necessary prerequisite courses to apply for graduate school in a specific discipline.

Once you declare a major, you will register with the students in your year. However - many majors place holds on courses for the first few days while their students get into their required classes, so if you know what major you want to be, it's within your interests to declare as soon as possible so that you will have priority registration for your new major.

Don't Forget Minors!

As always, consult with your advisor prior to declaring a minor. To declare most minors, use the "Request to Add or Drop Minor" form on IC Workflow