Read What Our Students Have to Say

We asked some of our most recent Pre-Health Profession students what they thought of the program.

Khadija Musa ’23

Professional headshot.

I’m a first-year student, but not only that I’m also a first-generation college student and also a first-generation American. Upon entering Ithaca College I had no idea what I wanted to pursue, however, I did know that I wanted to go into the health field.

Being a part of the Pre-Professional program has given me a hand and assisted me in navigating me through various career paths and majors offered here at IC. This program introduced me to a wide variety of health professionals by having several presenters with diverse backgrounds come into class and speak about their profession.

Because I was given the opportunity to explore, I have found an interest in Therapeutic Recreation, which is something that I discovered while keeping an open mind and having my options open. I have greatly benefited from the support and guidance of this program, which I am glad and thankful to be a part of.

After learning more about the field and the options available, I was confident choosing my major and am now formerly enrolled as an Exercise Science major with a concentration in Medical Science. There is no doubt that the Pre-Professional Program was the right choice for me!

Kelly Malepe ‘22

Vladimir Doroshenko ’23


“Being involved in the Pre-Professional program has been a great way to begin my college life and future career.  It has been a phenomenal advising experience, I am grateful for the care and concern that I have received.   

“The Introduction to the Health Professions course really educated me on all the health careers and pathways I can explore at Ithaca College in order to reach my educational goals.”

I was also able to be involved in a few of the events that were organized by the program.  I hope to become an Orthopedic Surgeon. If anyone is not sure what major they should choose, this program is the one for them!

I love living in beautiful Ithaca and visiting the surrounding communities too!”

I am looking forward to taking the necessary steps to pursue my future career. I am excited to help people and improve their lives. The Pre-Professional Program has helped me find my passion and has made me excited for the future!

Greg Lee ’19

LeAnn Sindt, '25

LeAnn Sindt, '25

“When I decided to come to Ithaca, I knew I wanted to pursue a major and career in the health field.  I felt almost certain about the path I wanted to take, but it was important to me that I needed to be one hundred percent sure before being fully dedicated and taking many challenging classes.  This program allowed me to stay on track while exploring the different health careers to ensure I am confident before making a decision.  Learning about and speaking to professionals in various health occupations and learning about their first-hand experiences helped me more than I could have asked for.  The Pre-Health Professions Program gave me time to take a breath, relax, and explore various aspects of health careers and academic pathways; it also helped me discover what I did not want to pursue.  Also, having an advisor who helps you through every step and works closely with you was very beneficial.

I decided I want to apply to Physician Assistant school after my undergraduate years at IC.  Because of this program, I could keep my options open and explore before making a decision that will significantly impact my life.  I also made friendships and connections with students in the same situation."

Samantha Bonocora ’23


The program allowed me to gain knowledge about different professions from various presenters. I was able to learn and determine which careers I found intriguing and possibly wanted to learn more about.

“In particular, I was very interested in speech-language pathology because it made me realize that the ability to communicate is often taken for granted by most people, while others continue to struggle. This put in perspective what it is like to not be able to convey your wants and needs, which inspired me to want to help.

“Also, the program provided me with opportunities to explore and discover my passion [in the field].  [I was able to go to] Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital in Syracuse, NY. This allowed me to obtain knowledge about the role of a Speech Language Pathologist in a hospital setting and working with children.