The Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC) is the common general education experience for all Ithaca College students. The Complementary Liberal Arts requirement (CLA) of the Integrative Core Curriculum provides an additional 12 credits of integrative liberal arts coursework. The philosophy behind the CLA is that students have a complementary area of focused study that is outside of their major and their ICC theme. The ultimate goal of the CLA is to further broaden the perspective and versatility of the students.

The CLA is defined differently by each school. In the School of Humanities and Sciences, the H&S faculty have designed the CLA to be a focused academic exploration that prepares students to become informed citizens in the world – reflective practitioners who search for (and know how to search for) knowledge, who critically evaluate that knowledge, and who actively participate in society, putting their knowledge in service of the collective good.

Students in H&S may fulfill this CLA in one of several different ways:

The courses that will count in the student’s CLA option must be outside the student’s primary major requirements (i.e. named courses and courses from specific departments). According to ICC policy, students also cannot count courses that they are using to fulfill the Themes and Perspectives requirement, or the ICSM, for the CLA.

All courses taken to fulfill the CLA must be taken at Ithaca College for a letter grade, excluding courses taken in an affiliated study abroad program or at Cornell University -- these courses may be applied to the H&S CLA through the normal petition and transfer credit process. 

Student Learning Outcomes of the CLA for the ICC

After completing the CLA, students will be able to:

  1. Apply concepts, theories, methods, or skills from the CLA to analyze new questions or complex problems; or
  2. Draw upon the CLA to address a topic, issue, problem area, or human challenge using a combination of concepts, theories, and/or methods from multiple perspectives or fields of study.

Student Learning Outcomes of the CLA for H&S

  1. Students are able to articulate how their focused area of exploration (the CLA) complemented their major, and/or broadened their worldview, and/or contributed toward their future professional goals.
  2. Students are able to articulate their intentional goals in choosing the specific option they selected, and/or whether they changed that option and if so why they did.

CLA FORMS and Information for H&S Students