You have the right to submit an appeal of a suspension or dismissal decision to the School of Humanities and Sciences Academic Status Committee.

An appeal should address any mitigating circumstances that may have interfered with the successful completion of your semester’s work. Additionally, the Committee will need to be informed about how you would, if allowed to return to Ithaca College for the following semester, change your approach to your academic work in order to be successful. You should outline the specific efforts you would employ to make your return to the College a success as well as complete the Educational Plan.

The School of Humanities and Sciences Academic Status Committee will review your appeal and inform you of the outcome within a few days of its meeting.

Your appeal should be thoughtful and should fully address the items referenced in the above paragraphs.

Your appeal  must be received by the time and date stipulated in order to be reviewed and processed for consideration. Late appeals will not be accepted.

The following forms must be completed in order for your academic status appeal to be reviewed:

  1. Appeal Essay
  2. Educational Plan

You will receive a confirmation email when each of these forms has been submitted successfully. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact the School of Humanities and Sciences Dean's Office at 607.274.3102.

file-outline Academic Contract SP20_0.pdf - Academic Contract SP20_0.pdf (135.51 KB)