The Prize

Each year the Art History department will award the "Art History Prize" to a student who represents excellence in both (a) academic achievement within the major, and (b) contribution to the department's communal life. The prize will consist of $75, a book on a topic in art or architectural history closely related to the student's interests, a certificate noting the achievement, and the inscription of the winner's name on a plaque prominently displayed in the department.


Eligible students must be Art History majors with senior standing, and a minimum GPA of 3.50 in courses within the major.


Spring semester


Students who meet the eligibility requirements may be nominated by a department faculty member early in the spring semester of each academic year. The nominating faculty member will write a short letter addressing (1) how the student has contributed to the intellectual life within the department, and (2) how the student has contributed to the community life within the department. If more than one faculty member wishes to nominate the same student, only the first faculty nominator will write a letter of nomination. Department faculty will read each one of the nominating letters, and then vote; the student with the most votes will be named the recipient of that academic year's Art History Prize.


For contribution to the department's intellectual life, a student should have demonstrated most the following:

  • the ability to write well
  • a record of seriousness and sophistication in academic work
  • a tendency to go beyond fulfillment of requirements – to take initiative in exploring, researching the topics of their study
  • a demonstrated capacity for thoughtful contribution to class discussion
  • regular attendance at department- and Handwerker-sponsored lectures, and participation in department-sponsored discussions

For contribution to the department's community life, a student should have demonstrated many of the following:

  • lively and consistent participation in events and activities sponsored by the department and the Handwerker Gallery
  • initiative in generating events, activities within the department
  • a galvanizing effect on other students, and leadership qualities within the student community
  • arts- or architecture-related work inside the department or within the local community (through work study, student assistantships, internships, or volunteer work)