The Prize

The successful applicant will be presented with $500 to be used for assistance with preparation for the required standardized exams associated with admittance to graduate health programs such as MCAT, DAT, OAT or GRE.

Application Procedures

Students must submit a 500-word essay on their career goals and motivation towards that goal; a resume that includes appropriate shadowing or other health-related experiences; and a copy of their most recent transcript. Students must also indicate how the award money will be used (commercial prep courses, prep materials, registration fees, etc) and when they will be taking the exams.

Criteria for Award

There must be a clear indication of career goals and reasons for pursuing those goals, and how the money will be used to prepare for the exams. The student's record of academic performance must be competitive for admission to the indicated graduate program.


Mid-fall and mid-spring semesters

Submission Information

Students are responsible for filling out the application form and submitting it along with their essay, resume, and transcript before the deadline to Nancy Pierce, 161 CNS.