Internships in Economics

Students in the Department of Economics can take advantage of our internship program to gain real world experience and build their resumes.  Internships in economics provide students with opportunities to develop an understanding, knowledge and appreciation of careers in human resources, business, banking, not-for-profit organizations, and academia.  Students gain confidence and entrance to a network of career opportunities.

During the academic year, some internships are close to campus or online. We have close associations with a host of firms and government agencies right here in Ithaca, NY.  In recent semesters, economics majors have interned at Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, Tompkins County Social Services, and M&T Bank. Please consult the Economics majors/minors Sakai page for information on Economics internship ideas. 

During the summer, more distant internships are possible.  Our students have interned at the Royal Bank of Scotland (New York City), MTV Finance (New York City), the United Nations (Paris, France), and Georgia State University (Atlanta).

Some of these internships are paid.  Others carry college credit.  It is often possible to set up an internship to meet your exact needs.

Students interested in enrolling in a for-credit internship may consult the application form.  For help with this form or more information about internships sponsored by the Department of Economics, contact Dr. Shaianne Osterreich