Senior Thesis

Senior Thesis in Economics

All students in all of our Economics majors complete a Senior Thesis. Most students register for Economics 49200 Senior Thesis in the Fall semester of their Senior year. The thesis project provides students with the experience of designing a research topic in economics, conducting the research required, and writing the thesis.  The final product of the course is a paper of 30 pages with professional economics graphs, social science notes, and references. If the student is a member of the International Economics Honor Society (ODE) and the Senior Thesis paper is deemed worthy, then the student may be able to continue to  work on the project into the Spring semester. and graduate with Honors in Economics. 

To get a sense of the types of projects that students do for their Senior Thesis, here is a sample of topics from recent years. 

  • Happiness Index and US Macro Indicators
  • International Trade and Deforestation in Indonesia
  • Central Bank Policy in Developing Country Context – Cambodia
  • Central bank policy in response to the 2008 financial crisis:  
  • Privatization & Ineffeciency of Emminent Domain
  • Economic Consequences of Public School Funding
  • Cobb Douglas and Government Capital
  • Aid effectiveness and democracy
  • Foreign Direct Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa and Labor Conditions
  • Affordable Care Act -The Effects (Financial & Social) on Health Care Provisioning for the Elderly
  • Obesity and health care economics
  • Gentrification and regional economic development
  • Sports Economics

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