The H&S Academic Assessment Coordinator, established in 2016, is appointed from the faculty by the H&S Dean for a 3-year term. The Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all majors and interdisciplinary minors in H&S conduct ongoing SLO assessment.

The Committee is responsible for all facets of programmatic student learning outcomes assessment in the School of Humanities & Sciences, including: assisting programs to create, modify, and implement assessment, reviewing programmatic assessment reports, preparing annual reports on assessment status, communicating assessment outcomes to the Dean’s office, and communicating assessment of student learning outcomes to the appropriate College level committee or person. When overlapping concerns arise, the Assessment Committee meets jointly with the HSCC.

The Assessment Committee is composed of five voting members: four members elected to two-year terms and the H&S Academic Assessment Coordinator, appointed by the dean. The Committee is composed of one member representing Natural Sciences/Math/CS or Social Sciences, one representing Humanities or Fine Arts, and three At-Large members.

The 2022-23 Academic Assessment Committee includes:

Toby Dragon, Computer Science (NS/SS), Coordinator of H&S Assessment
Joslyn Brenton, Sociology (At-Large)
Zoe Shan-Lin, History (At-Large)
Eric Steinschneider, Philosophy/Religion (At-Large)

ex officio Dean's office liaison: David Brown, Associate Dean

Note on process: Departments and programs should submit their annual assessment reports in the Taskstream AMS. Guidelines for how to upload your assessment report in Taskstream, as well as how to view the feedback from the H&S Assessment Committee in Taskstream, is available here.

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