Overview of Coursework

Prepare for a secondary school (for grades 7-12) teaching career in a variety of subjects (biology, chemistry, English, French, mathematics, physics, social studies, or Spanish) OR a K-12 teaching career in agricultural education.

Adolescence Education: English 

The English track of our M.A.T. program addresses New York State standards for information and understanding, literary response, critical analysis, and social interaction. The curriculum requires a range of oral and written assignments meant to stimulate thinking about how to teach the skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. There are four graduate course offerings in the academic area: English Language Arts, World Literatures, American Literature, and Pedagogy and Practice for the English Teacher. 

Adolescence Education: Mathematics 

Our discipline-specific courses in Mathematics are designed to provide deep mathematical knowledge and reasoning abilities with insightful connections to secondary school mathematics curricula. Students are required to take three math courses in addition to Pedagogy and Practice for the Mathematics Teacher, which prepares students for their professional fieldwork: Seminar in Mathematics Education, History of Mathematics, and Connections between Secondary and Advanced Algebra.

Adolescence Education: Modern Languages and Literatures 

Our program meets both state and national standards for teachers of languages other than English, focusing on fluency and cultural understanding. Through extensive communication practice and the close study of literary texts, our students acquire a nuanced understanding of the language and a broad-based knowledge of the Francophone or Spanish-speaking world. 

Adolescence Education: Science (Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physics)

The underlying philosophy of our science education program is that knowledge, competence, leadership, and commitment to service are the essential characteristics of an outstanding teacher. In addition to the major areas of study within each discipline, we stress the processes of science (inquiry, analysis, and design) and the ability to effectively communicate knowledge and ideas to others : Inquiry and the Nature of Science, Science Topics Every Science Teacher Should Know, and Education Research for the Science Teacher. Graduates of our program are expected to promote scientific literacy and encourage the "scientific habit of mind." 

Adolescence Education: Social Studies 

The social studies teacher education content area requirements are closely aligned with both state and national standards. Students are required to take graduate-level history electives in each of three categories: United States, European, and global history. In addition, our pedagogy courses offer a strong global and multicultural focus along with exposure to secondary school students of varying ethnic, socioeconomic, and ability groups. 

Agriculture Education

The agriculture education track of our M.A.T. program focuses on course such as Youth Leadership and Organizations, Educational Programs in Agricultural Science, and Advanced Concepts in Agriculture Education.

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