Year-by-year to-do lists

Straight through to school? Or Gap Year(s)?

It generally takes a year or more between submitting an application and entering medical/vet/dental/PA/etc. school. This timeline means that students who wish to enroll in professional school immediately after graduation must complete all required coursework by the end of their junior year, and applications must be submitted during the summer after their junior year. See below for sample timelines

Year One: 


  • Explore opportunities for shadowing, volunteering, clinical exposure, and research.

Year Two:

Option 1: you want to go directly to graduate/professional school

Year Three:

Year Four:

  • Finish coursework for your major and ICC
  • Interviews at graduate/professional schools

Option 2: you plan on gap/bridge year(s) before graduate/professional school

Year Three:

Year Four: