All incoming music majors must take the Fundamentals of Music Theory exam. Students who receive a score of 84% or higher place directly into Music Theory 1. All other students must enroll in MUTH 10100 (Fundamentals of Music Theory). Students repeat MUTH 10100 until they receive a grade of B or higher, or until they achieve a score of 84 percent or higher on the fundamentals placement examination. Students wishing to prepare for the Fundamentals Exam should see the Fundamentals Practice Exam. 
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Download the Fundamentals Practice Exam below. The practice exam contains five separate parts and the answers to each part are located at the end of the last page.

file-outline FundPract.pdf - FundPract.pdf (1.22 MB)


The department offers undergraduate peer tutoring in fundamentals, aural skills, and music theory. This tutoring is available to students without additional charge. Students in Fundamentals of Music Theory may be paired with peer tutors by their professor, or students may request to be paired with a peer tutor. For aural skills and more advanced theory courses, students sign up for peer tutoring at this webpage: https://www.signupgenius.com/tabs/23672db0ea7cbe4c24-theory.