• Stage crew is provided for your recital.  We are no longer providing page turners; pianist need to plan accordingly.   No crew is provided for dress rehearsals.   Please use the following guidelines to get us staging diagrams and information two weeks before the recital.  Email your document to zmcdonald@ithaca.edu or drop off in the Music Office.
    • Please provide a setup diagram for each different setup.  Put the diagrams in recital order and label each piece clearly.  They can all be on the same page.

    • Use an X for chairs and a line for stands.  

    • Piano full stick, half stick, or closed?  Note it.
    • Unusual things  (e.g. shell in Ford, cellist sits on a piano bench, electronic gear, harpsichord, etc) just draw and label, or explain in words. 
    • Stage crew doesn’t handle percussion and sound equipment, so it’s not essential to include detailed percussion or sound equipment diagrams on this, but it’s helpful to know if it’s happening.
  • Available lighting is limited to clear washes and pre-set lighting settings, essentially no special effects are possible.
  • Stand lights can be checked out in advance from the Instrument Repair Shop window; none are available from the concert staff.
  • If you plan to use any projection, please plan ahead to make sure it works for you. While stage crew will do their best to help, you should not assume they can make untested PowerPoints (etc) work at the last moment. 
  • No audience may be seated on the Ford Hall stage without permission being obtained 3 weeks prior to the recital.
  • Recently most people do not use shells in Ford, but if you are using them, for your dress rehearsal you are responsible for getting them from the Ford Hall stage-left closet, setting them up, AND returning them afterwards. Instructions are on the back. Stage crew will handle them for the performance.


For any information regarding stage setup planning, please contact Zachary McDonald.